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 Dazed x Fashion East x Swedish Fashion Council PFW party
Photography Flo Kohl

What went down at Dazed’s star-studded Paris Fashion Week party

Soundtracked by Bree Runway, the Dazed x Fashion East x Swedish Fashion Council blowout celebrated some of this year’s most talked-about designers

Fashion week is drawing to a close in Paris, but it’s provided no shortage of moments to remember (for better or for worse). Look no further than Dazed’s blowout PFW party in collaboration with Fashion East and the Swedish Fashion Council, which saw leading creatives converge on Pamela on Friday night (September 30). Couldn’t make it? Here’s everything you need to know about what went down.


Taking place slap bang in the middle of fashion week, the Dazed x Fashion East x Swedish Fashion Council party saw hundreds of creatives working across music, fashion, art, film, activism, and more pile into Pamela. Among the guests enjoying a drink inside the Paris nightclub (with champagne provided by Nano Source) were the likes of Tayce, Anna Cleveland, Campbell Addy, Charlotte Knowles, Mowalola, Michaela Stark, Yasmin Finney, Stephen Issac Wilson and Selena Forrest. They were welcomed by Fashion East's Lulu Kennedy, Swedish Fashion Council's Jennie Rosén, Robin Douglas Westling and Dazed’s Jefferson Hack, IB Kamara, Imruh Asha, Gareth Wrighton, and Kacion Mayers.


Despite the range of big names on the dance floor, the real stars of the show were a group of designers whose collections are on show at the Swedish Fashion Council x Fashion East showrooms. After all, the party was specifically thrown to honour the rising creatives, including Hodakova, Jawara Alleyne, Rave Review, Karoline Vitto, Feben, Beate Karlsson (of AVAVAV), Hannah HRH, and ALL-IN STUDIO.


Of course, it wouldn’t be much of a celebration without the music to match, and the performances did not disappoint. Performing her first ever live set in Paris was none other than Dazed cover star Bree Runway, who performed her new single “That Girl”. The rest of the night was soundtracked by worldwide DJ talent spanning London, Paris and Sweden, from Andy 4000, to Broodoo Ramses, Basmati and Jahanam back to back with Dr. Echoe.


To add, we spent Saturday at the showroom at 3537 giving away hundreds of free copies of the new autumn 2022 issue, featuring cover stars such as Kelela, Burna Boy, Hal Baddie, and Saucy Santana – along with a thousand bottles of beer that came courtesy of friends at Heineken.

The Swedish Fashion Council x Fashion East showrooms – presented by FASHIONx Showrooms in partnership with Dazed – have also opened from 10am to 7pm daily throughout PFW, to showcase the work of the aforementioned designers. If you’re in Paris and yet to swing by 3537, then you have until October 5 to take a look around. Otherwise, you can relive the fashion week party in the gallery above.