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@sportsbanger @eatplastik Fuck Boris Animal Crossing fashion

You can now get Sports Banger’s ‘Fuck Boris’ t-shirt in Animal Crossing

Meaning you can make your little avatar’s political leanings known

In much the same way as The Sims has, Animal Crossing is fast becoming a playground for fashion fans to get creative in, with a whole bunch of the game’s cute little characters running around in Nook Street Market-bought pieces from Prada, Gucci, Charlotte Knowles, and Mowalola’s latest collections. 

Now, in good news for those keen to make their political leanings known both IRL and URL, someone has taken it upon themselves to digitally render Tottenham-based designer Sports Banger’s ‘Fuck Boris’ t-shirt. Referring to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (who else?), the style first dropped when a red bus claiming the UK would save £350million a week if it left the EU was being driven around the country in the heady days pre-Brexit. 

With Johnson failing miserably to lead the country through the coronavirus pandemic, what better time than to reiterate the original message – albeit in the virtual world, given the tee has long since sold out on Sports Banger’s website. 

Also on offer for your Animal Crossing avatar is the label’s signature NHS Nike Swoosh mash-up tee, which has likely been popping up on your Instagram feed pretty regularly right now. Right from the very beginning of the coronavirus crisis, founder Jonny Banger has been organising weekly drops of the style, with all money raised from its sales going to support the NHS through daily drops of healthy food and fresh juices at a growing number of East London hospitals. 

More recently, the designer has also used the funds to set up a food bank at a primary school in Tottenham where those in need can come to collect essentials, since Boris can’t get his act together on that either.

Follow Sports Banger here for more information on drops of NHS tees and head here to get your own Animal Crossing version of the style.