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London UK election protest
PoliticsAnti-Boris protesters take to the streets in London and Glasgow
Post-election convos you’re going to have at the pub tonight
PoliticsAll the post-election convos you’re going to have at the pub tonight
Irish people
PoliticsGoogle searches for moving to Canada and Ireland up after Tory election win
Six key moments from the devastating general election
PoliticsA cheatsheet on how fucked up the UK got last night
Science & TechA bot on Tinder is chatting people up to help Labour in marginal seats
Polling Station
PoliticsDon’t listen to the polls: this election is a battle on a knife-edge
Boris Johnson Tory party racism
PoliticsThis general election, racism has been used as a political football
climate protest UK election
Life & Culture‘This is a climate election’, declare striking UK students
Channel 4 Climate Debate Boris Johnson ice sculpture
PoliticsA few questions for the melting ice sculpture representing Boris Johnson
Offset Earth #VoteLeaves campaign
Life & CultureBrexit was talked about twice as much as the climate crisis in 2019
Fck Boris Uxbridge protest
PoliticsWatch highlights from the Fck Boris protest in Uxbridge
‘Boris is a wasteman’ projected onto Eton College
Politics‘Boris is a wasteman’ projected onto Eton College
Boris Johnson
PoliticsThere’s a Twitter account posting passages of Boris Johnson’s awful book
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn on ITV leaders debate
PoliticsSix takeaways from the Johnson v Corbyn TV debate
Boris Johnson deepfake endorses Corbyn for prime minister
Science & TechThe artist behind the Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn deepfakes
Boris Johnson
PoliticsFive takeaways from Boris Johnson’s weird Vogue-style video
List of the worst things the Tories have ever said
PoliticsAn ongoing list of the worst things the Tories have ever said
youth activism
PoliticsThis general election, let yourself get excited for our future
Protestors with ‘Fuck Boris’ t-shirts
PoliticsFive things you need to do ahead of the UK’s general election
Fck Boris posters London overground
Politics‘FCK BORIS’ posters slamming Tory policies appear on London Tube
Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 18.04.14
PoliticsMeet the ravers who threw a huge party at the People’s Vote March
Brexit march
PoliticsOver 230,000 people sign letter for second Brexit referendum in 48 hours
Peoples Vote March 2019
PoliticsWhat happened in yesterday’s Brexit debates?
Boris Johnson has a Brexit deal
PoliticsEverything you can kiss goodbye to now Boris has a Brexit deal