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Kanye is wearing weird shoes... again

What are thoooose?!

Last year, you might remember that Kanye West took your tiny handbags and raised you tiny shoes instead. Then, a mere week later, he seemingly got bored with those and was suddenly all about Big Shoe Energy. The point is, the rapper and designer has a penchant for shoes that are interesting. 

With that in mind, you won’t be surprised to see that West’s newest pair are equally controversial. Stepping out in Calabasas before his Sunday Service – dressed appropriately in his Rajneeshee-esque garms – on his feet were what can only be described as a Shock: aka, a shoe/sock hybrid. 

Made out of spandex material, the grey shoes feature white detailing and a thin rubber sole. There’s a slightly raised toe, reminiscent of Loewe’s SS18 style and that of a Christmas elf. Big elf energy?

While some of you might still be on the fence on Ye’s Shocks, 50 Cent is absolutely not a fan. He posted a picture of West on his Instagram account with the caption: “GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE MAN”. 

By the time you’ve made up your mind on whether you’re Team Shock or not, Ye will have decreed a new fashion shoe anyway. Stay tuned.