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Céline Dion just proved why she’s the undisputed Queen of Couture

My heart will go TF off

Since becoming the official Queen of turning lewks back in 2017, Céline Dion hasn’t taken her foot off the accelerator (or our necks, TBH). The tailend of 2018 saw her turn out some Proenza Schouler tie-dye for the kids, get arrested to promote her new fashion label, and honestly make Shania Twain look like a dance mom (soz Shania). Kicking things off in 2019, Dion effortlessly stole the show at Lady Gaga’s Vegas residency, dancing in the audience, and then appearing later with the singer in that instantly meme-able picture.

Couture, is the time where Céline really shines though – do we need to remind you about that iconic video? – so it’s no surprise that Queen Dion came to slay at this season’s shows in Paris.

First up, Alexandre Vauthier, the singer’s first appearance amidst the chaos of Couture. Making it look as easy as hitting an Eb6 – that’s falsetto, FYI – Queen Céline sat on the FROW in a sparkling Vaulthier gown, slit down to her navel and up to her hip bone. Cosying up to longtime friend (could it be more? She likes to keep us guessing), illustrator Pepe Muñoz on the FROW, we’d put money on Dion ordering one of each look in every colour as she exited.

Then, mere hours after her first appearance, she turned up at the Giorgio Armani Privé show – in a whole new ensemble, obvs. This time, she served night at the opera glam in a mulleted silk shirt, with silk trousers, and oversized bow. Unlike every other regular attendee, Dion was personally greeted by Mr Armani as he exits to take his bow.

Then, today, just when you thought you couldn’t take anymore, she went and served yet another lewk. This time, at Ronald Van Der Kemp, she turned up in a metallic power suit – complete with power suit-worthy pointy shoulders. Speaking to Vogue Paris at the show, Dion shared why Couture is her fave time of year. “Couture is such an amazing way of making people feel their best. To me, it helps me to sing, it helps me to feel strong, it helps me to be happier, it helps me to just function in life in a better way because it gets me to where I want to go,”she says, before concluding: “Fashion is just something extraordinary.” From God’s lips to your ears!