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Louis Vuitton is dropping its own Jenga set, but it’ll cost you £1900

Stack your savings... into a Jenga tower

Last week at the Louis Vuitton AW19 menswear show, among other things, Virgil Abloh brought us glow-in-the-dark carry-on luggage that we never realised we needed. Now, he also presents ‘FW JENGA’. But, obviously given it’s designed by the Illinois native, this is not your usual Jenga set.

Excluding the fact there are Louis Vuitton metallic inlays on each piece, and the cubes are made from plexiglass and feature the LV monogram throughout, the most surprising aspect of the sets are the price: a casual £1900. Yes, You read that correctly. Over a thousand dollars for the game, which can usually be picked up for around £13.

What’s more is that each set of Jenga has 54 cubes. So, by employing basic maths skills (brought to you by typing the figures into Google), we have deduced that each cube would cost you approximately £35.18. Which, in other words, means it’s probably set to be coming to a timeline near you: most likely as part of a post from that one hypebeast who always seems to have the latest uncanny and expensive designer items first (but still lives with his mum).

Whatever the cost, there’s no doubt the ‘FW JENGA’ will sell out and likely be resold for even higher prices when it’s released later this year. Stay tuned.