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Saint Laurent SELF 01Photography Daidō Moriyama

Saint Laurent’s new project spotlights Japanese photographer Daidō Moriyama

The 60s photographer debuts in the Parisian house’s SELF series

Under Anthony Vaccarello, Saint Laurent’s has been filling your lives with inspiration outside of the two annual ready-to-wear collections. From regular campaigns – the most recent featuring Travis Scott – to short films, the house’s newest series has just dropped.

Entitled SELF, the project allows artists selected by Vaccarello to put forward their idea of the spirit of Saint Laurent through their medium – be it photography, art, or film. First up is Japanese photographer Daidō Moriyama, who was prominent in the 60s for his black-and-white images of the post-war breakdown of the country’s traditions – particularly the underground scene in clubs and of sex workers.

The images for the project continue the monochromatic aesthetic that both he, and Saint Laurent, are known for and feature models photographed wearing Saint Laurent. Moriyama’s images for the series will be displayed as part of Photo Paris from November 9-11. Curated by Vaccarello, the exhibition will be open to the public and hosted in the courtyard of the Galerie d’Orléans in front of the Palais Royal.