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So hot right now: bags so small you can’t fit your phone in them

Three reasons why tiny bags are about to be everywhere

The year is 2018, and when it comes to fashion two things are clear. We like our outerwear and our sneakers supersized – and our accessories the exact opposite.

It all started last year, when the once-enormous sunglasses beloved by any paparazzi-dodging celebrity worth their salt started shrinking. Gone were the bug-esque Gucci frames and Céline’s signature Butterfly of old, and in their place were sleek, angular shades in the style of The Matrix’s Trinity, as seen on catwalks around the world (s/o Alexander Wang, George Keburia, and Prada).  

Now, a few months after we first reported on the phenomenon of the shrinking shades, we’ve noticed another day-to-day accessory is dropping pounds and inches, too. Switching out their oversized (and overstuffed) Kellys and Birkins for something slightly less imposing, the likes of Rihanna, Bella and Gigi, and Kendall Jenner have all been seen clutching – or rather, pinching – diminutive handbags by Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Jacquemus between their thumbs and forefingers.

Despite their proportions, all signs point towards the trend becoming massive given RiRi already gave it her seal of approval last year. But, in case you’re in need of further clarification, here are three reasons why you’re about to see tiny bags everywhere.


Our obsession with all-things-90s has segued into the early-00s of late, so it makes sense that the micro bags popular with the likes of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan way back when are now enjoying something of a renaissance. Along with the likes of the Louis Vuitton mini-Speedy, Chanel’s extra-mini pouch, and the Fendi baguette – all of which have been seen both on the runway and off in recent months – it was perhaps the appearance of the iconic Dior Saddle bag at the French label’s AW18 show that sealed the deal and paved the way for these tiny styles to become massive again.

According to Rati Levesque of resale site TheRealReal, customers looking to buy various versions of the ubiquitous 00s style have more than doubled in the last year – but if you’re thinking that shrinking dimensions mean prices will shrink too you’re in for a shock. Last month, a micro LV Speedy sold for $800 on eBay, while Hermès’ mini Birkin (both styles carried by Kendall Jenner) will set you back almost £15,000. No. Big. Deal.


Of all the tiny bags currently on offer, the suede iteration that forms part of Paris-based designer Simon Porte Jacquemus’ SS18 collection is by far the most popular, racking up appearances in the hands of Rihanna, Kendall Jenner et al. Coquettish in both looks and name, Le saq Chiquito clocks in at a tiny 10 cm x 8 cm, while an iPhone measures around 13 cm x 6 cm. Meaning, however rudimentary your maths might be, it’s clear that something is amiss.

We'll ignore the fact that given our phones are now rarely out of our hand there's little need for a bag that you can actually fit them into, and instead go with a different theory. Given we’re all slaves to the scroll and regularly denounce social media and its evils – only to be voraciously back to checking our Instagram feeds again less than five minutes later – is there a better way to wean yourself off it (at least for a while) than by adopting a miniscule handbag you simply can’t fit said phone into? Probably not. Ideal for those of us seeking a digital detox, the question of whether they’re big enough to hold the increasingly popular flip-phones that are making a resurgence (Kim Kardashian was seen clutching a pink Ferrari-shaped one on her recent tour of Japan) still remains, though.


The late 90s and (very) early 00s were a simpler time. The word Brexit didn’t exist, the financial crash of 2008 was a long way off, and instead of stealing your data/making his intent on world domination clear a la Mark Zuckerberg, the worst thing MySpace Tom did was presumptuously add himself at the top of your friend list whether you liked it or not. During this time, we were seemingly happy to cart huge sacks filled with basically everything we owned around. Back then, Louis Vuitton’s (literally) Neverfull, the Balenciaga City, and Chloé’s Paddington reigned supreme, while more recently, the likes of Céline’s Luggage and Givenchy’s Nightingale proved that, when it came to bags, bigger was most definitely better.

Cut to 2018, when the word Brexit does exist, loneliness has reached epidemic proportions, flats don’t have living rooms, and we’re supposed to have saved twice our annual salaries by the time we’re 35 (lol). Unsurprisingly, most of us are looking to lighten the load. Carrying an enormous tote filled with everything-but-the-kitchen-sink on top of the already heavy burden of emotional baggage is just not feasible. Given their diminutive proportions and the fact you’d be hard-pushed to fit anything larger than a bank card and a lipstick into them, with a micro bag you’re left with something much easier to handle – while your anxieties might weigh heavy on your shoulders, your IRL physical ‘stuff’ won’t. YAY.