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Paloma Spain AW18 campaign
Photography Kito Muñoz

Palomo Spain’s sexy hunters hit the streets of Madrid in new campaign

Longtime collaborator and photographer Kito Muñoz returns to shoot the AW18 collection

In just three seasons (and with a little help from Queen Bey), Palomo Spain has become known for feminine, flamboyant fashion that blurs the line between gender. And now, the AW18 campaign from the Madrid-based label – founded by Alejandro Gómez Palomo – demonstrates just that. 

Building on the last collection, the new campaign turns traditional hunting scenes on their head, with luxurious fabrics, elegant silhouettes, and sexual poses making the setting seem anything but ordinary. “We wanted to create a parallel story between the ‘hunting’ in the countryside and the act of hunting in the city,” Palomo explains of the inspiration behind the images. “Hunting for boys, for stories, experiences.”

Shot by longtime collaborator photographer Kito Muñoz on the streets of the Spanish capital, the campaign sees a group of models wearing looks from the AW18 collection, as well as leashes and reins that are shackled around their bodies. “We knew from the beginning that The Hunting needed to be related with an animalistic sense,” Muñoz says. “We first removed the obvious reference to nature and thought of ‘animal acting’ as a storyline for our Palomo boys.”

It’s the fourth time the photographer has shot for the label, a creative pairing they’re keen to continue. “Kito has a very similar way of looking at fashion and sexuality, sensuality and beauty, as the way I look at it,” the designer says. “I think we understand each other to perfection.”