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simon porte jacquemus aw18 show paris fashion week
Backstage at Jacquemus AW18Photography Arnaud Lafeuillade

Jacquemus is (finally) creating a menswear line

Designer Simon Porte Jacquemus announced the news this evening at his AW18 show

Paris Fashion Week is finally here, and with it the last leg of a month of AW18 shows. Opening this evening was Simon Porte Jacquemus who presented a collection inspired by Morocco.

“I often leave for Morocco after a show,” the press notes read. “This winter, I got lost in the souks once again, with just one thing on my mind: I want to make it my next summer collection. I came back to Paris and made my winter of it. Not wasting anymore time, my warm winter.” The collection itself featured the sensual, 70s-inspired chic looks that the designer has become known for. The casting too, was both representative and diverse. Not to mention some very French tailoring and new giant hats for everyone to covet.”

But that wasn’t it. Keen followers of the designer were eagerly awaiting the show – not just for his latest offering of fabulous, French fashions – but also for the “special announcement” he had been hinting at for the last few weeks on his Instagram. The big reveal came at the end of the show, when the designer came out for the finale in a hoodie that read: ‘New job L’Homme Jacquemus’. That’s right, six years after his Paris debut, he is (finally) branching into menswear.

“The (menswear) it was something I didn’t feel,” he explained, addressing why it’s taken him this long. “I didn’t feel it, and I was like ‘when I fall in love is when I’m going to do the men’s because he’s going to exist’. When he’s someone I can see, someone I can smell and I know what he’s eating - I know everything about him. I had this feeling this winter, so I was like ‘let’s do it’.” Cute, right? He’s in love! *heart eyes emoji* 

While we don’t know when the first collection will debut, men who are fans of the brand now have something to look forward to. “With the men’s coming I want to speak about the future,” Jacquemus concluded. And we can’t wait to see what it holds.