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For Jeremy Scott’s UGG collaboration, the designer headed into the California desert with Lil Yachty and Jasmine Sanders

Jeremy Scott and Lil Yachty on why they love UGG boots


Jeremy Scott is an undercover UGG lover, so when the brand approached him to collaborate he jumped at the chance to put his own spin on the cosy classic.

Rooted in the Los Angeles lifestyle, UGG was founded by Australian-born surfers Brian Smith and Doug Jensen in the late 70s, and has since made its move from Cali’s beaches to London and New York’s fashion scenes by notching up collaborations along the way – the latest being Scott’s. As a pop culture connoisseur, the designer has always gravitated to the unexpected – remember his McDonald’s-inspired debut for Moschino in AW14? – and elevated it to luxury status. Meaning it’s no surprise that his take on UGG is exactly as you’d imagine – glittering with crystals, flames, and the words ‘UGG Life’ (get it?) emblazoned on the back.

Although born and raised in Missouri, Scott adopted Los Angeles as his home almost a decade ago, so tapping into the city’s fountain of influences to bring the collection to life was a no-brainer. Enlisting Lil Yachty and Jasmine Sanders to pose in the Californian desert for its campaign, and throwing a party to coincide with one of the biggest pop culture events on LA’s calendar – the VMA Awards – to celebrate. Below, we caught up with Scott, Lil Yachty, and Sanders to talk about California love.


How did this collaboration and relationship with UGG come about?

Jeremy Scott: I was an undercover UGGs lover and have been wearing them for a few years. Then just by chance, my assistant met someone from UGGs, and was like ‘Oh yeah, Jeremy loves UGGs’, and they asked if I would be interested in doing a collaboration, and then I was like ‘Yeah!’ Because I get to do my own take on such a classic icon. So I was very selfish about thinking about what I wanted; putting flames on them, and then I came up with the idea of ‘UGG Life’, which I thought would be quite fun, a bit of a clever twist, and very ‘me’. We also started playing with embellishment because I wanted to do something very couture, elegant and high fashion in that sense. UGG is something that is known as being cosy, so you have the dichotomy of that and an evening gown look.

What was it about California that inspired you?

Jeremy Scott: I thought about all of the stuff that I loved, and the mood of California; the hot rod cars, Grease lightning. I was thinking of those types of elements, as well as hip hop culture, Latino culture, beach culture, and trying to create that vibe.

Tell us about your decision to cast Lil Yachty and Jasmine Sanders in the campaign?

Jeremy Scott: They have such different personalities. When Yachty met me once for a fitting, he was already wearing his own UGGs so I was thinking, ‘Oh he already loves UGGs, this is great, note to self.’ I love his exuberant look, his personality, and his music, and I was thinking that he would look so cool wearing the flame boots or the ‘UGG Life’ boots. Jasmine is such a beauty and I love her personality. I was the first person to put her on the runway several years ago when I first discovered her, and so I thought it would be really cool if we could do this.

What is it that you love about collaboration?

Jeremy Scott: I love being able to put my arm around more people. It’s really exciting when there is a level of availability and accessibility of a product in a larger way, so I can still put my full personality into it with out dilution. It still resonates as being something that is really fully me, and this collaboration allows me to reach more people. I also love the synergy of two different brands that are aren’t expected to be together. Some things are just not that surprising anymore, and this is something that I feel like no one expected or saw coming.


Why did you want to work with Jeremy?

Lil Yachty: I've known Jeremy since I was in high school. He's always been dope so I would never tell him no to anything.

One of the references for the collection is California. You're not from California but you've got links here. What do you love about California?

Lil Yachty: It’s just dope. It’s really big. It’s a different scene from where I am from. I’m from Atlanta, Georgia, so Atlanta has a scene but the scene, the beaches, the amazing shopping here is just dope. You can't shop like this in Atlanta.

What is it about working with other people that you like most?

Lil Yachty: Depends on who it is.

What was the best thing about working with Jeremy?

Lil Yachty: It was dope because I had never seen UGG do anything like it. They do different colours and stuff but the flames, that was dope! I love being a part of something new. I love being part of something fresh. Because when I came into music, I was new, I was fresh, so I’m always down to be a part of something that’s changing something. 

Would you do another collaboration?

Lil Yachty: I just did a pizza pop up where I ran my own pizzeria for two days, if that counts.

Do you think fashion elevates your overall brand?

Lil Yachty: Nope. I just got my own style.

How would you describe that?

Lil Yachty: I can't. But I never try to impress anybody. I just only do me. I would never try and wear a suit to an award show – that’s just weird. I just wear what I wear. If people like my style, dope, and if you don't – okay. Because I'm not trying to impress anybody. I’m not trying to be a fashion designer. I just like clothes and people like my style. 

What about breaking fashion rules?

Lil Yachty: That’s the thing, there are no rules. Like, you can’t wear all white? That’s weird as fuck. It’s a colour.


Why did you want to work with Jeremy?

Jasmine Sanders: I have known him for so long – five years going on six – and he has honestly blessed me and opened up so many doors for me by allowing me to do big fashion shows with him. It’s knowing that you have one designer that really roots for you at fashion week, and really knows your heart. We just mesh very, very well together. Between the campaign and the VMA’s today I'm like ‘I’m good'. Everything that he needs from me, I'm always there.

One of the references in the collection is California, what do you love about California?

Jasmine Sanders: I love that it is chill and free. I feel like you can be yourself and you can be stylish and change stuff up, rip it up, tear it up and throw paint on it, and make it different – make it your own and people accept it. LA is open for anything; open for fun, open for edgy personalities, and that is exactly what Jeremy is like.

What’s your favourite California era?

Jasmine Sanders: love 2pac, I love that whole vibe. I love the street, the big rings, I definitely like the urban vibe too.

Are you a collaborator or more of a go your own way person?

Jasmine Sanders: I think I'm both. I love collaborations, but I also feel like you guys are going to see some fun solo stuff from me too. I’m not just a lovely model. Yeah, I try to have fun with that and I try to be creative with that but I have a lot of other stuff I want to do and show people. You'll see more of that coming soon.

Can you tell us about it?

Jasmine Sanders: No, but I am big into fitness, so I think everybody is waiting for me to do some fun stuff with that.