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mademe x girl lourdes leon mayan Toledano sam puglia
MadeMe x X-GirlPhotography Mayan Toledano

Watch Lourdes Leon dance in the new MadeMe x X-girl campaign

The latest collection takes inspiration from the archive of the alternative 90s label

Since Erin Magee – designer and founder of MadeMe – started designing for  90s label X-girl, she has been making a strong case for her archive-inspired designs. While the previous campaign featured Coco Gordon Moore – daughter of X-girl creator Kim Gordon – this season features Madonna’s daughter Lourdes ‘Lola’ Leon.

Taking inspiration from the X-girl archive, the idea behind this season was to recreate a young, updated version of utilitarian workwear. In Magee’s eyes Leon was perfect for this, and after wanting to work with her for a while she finally got her chance for the campaign. Shot by photographer Mayan Toledano around downtown New York, the first time they met was on the day of the shoot. “She’s a very private person, almost underground and in an age of over exposure and Instagram fame I found her really intriguing and refreshing,” explained Magee.

In the accompanying video – shot and directed by Samuel E. Puglia, Leon’s best friend – Leon debuts her dancing skills for the very first time since enrolling at the Purchase College Dance Conservatory. As a collaborative project, Leon not only starred in the video but also worked alongside Magee and Puglia to create the final film. “The reason I did this,” explained Magee “is because it’s really important to me and the authenticity of the campaign that she felt comfortable, happy and proud of the work.”

Watch the film below