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A Fyre branded battery – perfect for when you’re stranded with no electricity

So, people are eBaying their shit from Fyre Festival

Grab your fire merch while you can

For those who have been just as obsessed as we have with Fyre Festival – the shit show we all know, and hate – you’ll be pleased to hear the next chapter in the story that seems like it will never end. While attendees who managed to survive the shark-infested island of “feral dogs” wait for their lawsuits to move forward, some have taken to eBay to sell official merchandise from the festival in a desperate attempt to claw back the $12,500 some spent on their tickets.

The items – that give fire sale a whole new meaning – include an artist’s pass sold for $71 (hardly any artists showed up), a battery charging pack (perfect for when you’re stranded with no electricity trying to contact loved ones), a branded Fyre Festival baseball cap (perfect for keeping the incessant, beating sun off your head) and a hoody (perfect for keeping warm at night when you don’t have shelter).

“Want a piece of history?” reads a description of one item. “This hoody is awesome. It was part of the official merchandise store at Fyre festival in the Bahamas, and the greatest festival disaster in the history of music festivals.”

Given the way that reports of Just How Amazingly Bad the festival was travelled across the internet, it’s likely that those interested in irony will be keen to lay their hands on some of the pieces. If you want to grab a piece of history and also need a reminder of a festival that you should never, ever attend, get it all in one with some fire, Fyre merch. Check out the “collection” below.