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Michele Lamy takes Venice: day 3

Ghetto Gastro set up shop on the Bargenale 2 for the latest photo diary installment

Day three of Michele Lamy’s Venice Biennale photo diary on the Bargenale 2 is set quite heavily in the kitchen thanks to the arrival on day 2 of the world’s coolest gang of chefs, Ghetto Gastro. Which might lead your mind to wonder: what out of her enviable wardrobe would Michele Lamy wear in the kitchen? Or maybe it’s Rick who is head chef in an apron of his own creation...

Bargenale 2 is about more than just cuisine though, and the theme of “very boxe versus very chic” is still in place with Lamy picking up her boxing gloves again for a quick sparring match with chef Lester Walker. Get in the ring!

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