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Andrea Crews Shows No Mercy

Paris fashion/art collective Andrea Crews are hell bent on the city going tribal.

Presenting a darker, more sinister take on her Spring/Summer Sunset Empire works, Andrea Crews` latest collection Sisters Of Mercy, promises to take you on a daily journey of cosmopolitan tribalism.

The Paris-based Art Collective has produced a collection that spans from the morning to day to night through time transient pieces that establish each hour, each day as unique as the wearer. Androgynous, minimal cuts for the morning, upside down overalls, over sized t- shirts and double angora pullovers for the day, with cocktail dresses and waxy leather for after dark.

Bridging the horizons that unite fashion with art and music, the label is no stranger to the cross-fertilisation of these contemporary boundaries. More than a fashion brand, they also propagate an equitable model of production. It endeavours to contribute towards a sustainable economy through the revival of second hand clothing so everything is made entirely from recycled garments. The Andrea Crews creator, Maroussia Rebecq explains “It has always been like that, when I was a teenager I was a ‘do-it-yourself’ hardcore girl, I’ve always built upon projects with activist content, and tried to build upon things in a positive way.”

Describing Sisters Of Mercy as “the dark part of the 'sunset empire' warriors and ‘galactiques’ girls coming from the cosmos, it takes things back to nature in a do it yourself style using recycled leather and twisted black metal.” Even the accessories are handmade in the atelier in a process she describes as "raw haute couture".

Currently working closely with style influencers Yelle, Santogold and Metronomy, her dream collaborators remain to be musical heavyweights Beth Ditto, MIA, or Missy Elliott. Instigating experimental social impact, everything she does, Rebecq claims comes from art. “I’m an artist more than a stylist. I’ve got ideas of a system, not ideas of clothes. I mean fashion is the medium, an ultra pop medium that anybody can get but we do much more than just clothes and I want Andrea Crews to be an empire.”

With yet another collection also due out soon in association with Lacoste, the Andrea Crews label isn’t far off becoming a force to reckon with. But nobody actively inspires their message better than Rebecq herself, who in her own words concludes to say “I hate shopping, I love to make love and I want to do it well. Fill up yourself with healthy pleasure and stop the bullshit” and who can argue with that.