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Bill Murray becomes a fashion designer (kinda)

Everyone’s favourite human has created a line of golf gear

Bill Murray is so much more than just an actor – he’s bartended in New York, is a muse to Sofia Coppola, and more recently became a classical musician. So basically, he can do everything better than you. As the New York Times report, his latest venture is in the world of design, with the launch of a golf wear line with his five brothers. The 66-year-old actor has a special relationship with golf, not only appearing as a crazed caddy in the 80s comedy Caddyshack, but also working as one as a teen.

The clothing line, called William Murray, was created as the Murray brothers wanted to bring a “cool” attitude back to the sport. The actor was even spotted at the World Series in one of the collection’s most successful pieces, a polo with a print of highball glasses. The brothers plan to produce two collections a year, in addition to the charity golf tournament they hold in Florida.

Murray has taken to the role of a diva designer like a pro, reportedly sending a pair of shorts back for redesign after discovering the pockets were too shallow. We can only assume fashion week is beckoning. 

While you wait for Murray’s next move, you can watch his appearance in Caddyshack below.