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Blandine Bardeau

Central Saint Martins BA 2009 Preview

We preview a selection of designers from this year's CSM BA fashion grads acros menswear, womenswear and printing.

Here’s a selection of five designers across menswear, womenswear and printing from the CSM Final Year BA show 2009. We will be bringing you backstage photographs and interviews from the press show which is taking place tonight.

Blandine Bardeau
"I think of my clothes as ‘transformational. They represent a world where humans can become animals, the wind, where girls can become boys and boys can become girls. I have looked into ways in which people have diverted moral and social conventions, people such as transvestites, shamans, as well as mythological characters. I was fascinated by anything or anyone who is extraordinary."

Holly Fox-Lee
"Wearing a mask on the body, was the core challenge of my collection. I was inspired by krump dancing and the Ndebele tribe amongst others; to create a synthesis of modernity and ancient craft work. Exaggerated sportswear silhouettes and vibrant colour ways represent the fusion of the African and the American."

Anthony Thomas
"Four songs that communicate a common mood of mystery have provided the spark of inspiration for this collection: Porno for Pyros’s  ’Tahitian Moon’, Ice-T’s ‘Midnight’, Health’s ‘Lost Time’ and an Acid Girls remix of Health’s ‘Triceratops’. I have translated the mood into the general theme of ‘Midnight’. My ‘Midnight’ sees awe-inspiring landscapes, glimpses of existential clarity, separate realities and the deep stirrings of the subconscious veering in and out of something all together tangible, dark, angry and violent- of real social context. In particular gang warfare in South Central LA during the early nineties. The esoteric and the real."

Sorada Thaiwaranon
"My collection is the graphic interpretation of tree wrapping, ‘Tree’. Based on the context of Thai beliefs, the wrapping of the tree is a way of worshipping the spirit residing in the tree. I see tree wrapping as a means of confining the tree spirit, similar to the physical restriction of the surgical splints on the body. The body as a tree, restricted from casual movement like the confined spirit of the tree."

Morten Ivar
"My collection is inspired by early punk rock with the main focus throughout my research being the many different styles that go with the punk rock image; from tailored jackets to leather pants and sneakers. I have, with my mix of prints, colours and styles tried to capture the spontaneous effect."