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Pepe the frog fashion
Dries Van Noten AW16Via, illustration by @pepe_queen

Dressing sad frog meme Pepe in the latest menswear

Blogger Vogue Anonymous takes on digital fashion culture by modelling Dries Van Noten, Louis Vuitton and more on the internet-famous amphibian

Like most industries, fashion in 2015 is dominated by digital culture. We Tweet, we ’gram, we stream, we invite Vine stars to sit front row at shows. Fashion images are proliferated online, spreading like wildfire and taking on weird new lives of their own (see: Rick Owens’ penis-flashing robes, which became headline news after one inter user noticed their revealing qualities). 

Living up to his bio of “Putting (the) meme in fashion”, Twitter user and blogger Irem Ozekes – best known as Vogue Anonymous – decided to communicate the latest menswear collections through the 4chan-beloved medium. Inspired by the way that runway images become as ubiquitous as memes, he partnered with an Instagram Pepe artist (yes, they exist) to depict the sad frog in AW16’s best outfits.

There’s a psychedelic Dries Van Noten coat, created in collaboration with artist Wes Wilson, some Fendi shearling and one of Louis Vuitton’s romantic, military-meets-vampire looks – and it turns out that green skin and downcast eyes really set off that J.W.Anderson ermine coat. 

Somehow, it’s a pairing that makes a strange kind of sense. “I remember there is a split second scene in the Dior and I doc where Raf Simons is seen going through a Tumblr blog,” Ozekes says. “Designers are as visual-hungry as the internet populace.”

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