Sofa, “Visual Voices 2”
Art & PhotographySofa is the magazine harnessing the weirdness of the internet
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Science & TechA major solar storm could cause an ‘internet apocalypse’
Tim Berner's Lee
Science & TechYou can now buy the original World Wide Web as an NFT
AFW Article Cover (H2H) Charli x Jia
Life & CultureListen to Dazed’s A Future World podcast with Jia Tolentino and Charli XCX
Art & PhotographyListen to our A Future World podcast exploring NFTs and the future of art
Why it’s a good time for women writing about the internet
Science & TechWhy it’s a good time for women writing about the internet
Carlo Acutis, Patron Saint of the Internet
Life & CultureA 15-year-old is about the become the Patron Saint of the Internet
Tanya Corrin and Josh Harris, We Live in Public
Life & CultureThe 00s cam girl who livestreamed every second of her life
Porn Block
PoliticsThe controversial UK porn block has officially been dropped
Jaden Smith
FashionJaden Smith doesn’t like the internet
Life & CultureWhat making friends online is like for teenagers today
Has Twitter gone too far?
Science & TechThe man who made Twitter’s retweet button thinks it was a terrible idea
MSN messenger chat box
Life & CultureHow our extremely online generation grew up on MSN messenger
Bianca Devins
Life & CultureThe story behind Instagram star Bianca Devins’ grim, viral murder
Film & TVA film about the creepy viral hoax Momo is in the works
UK porn block delayed
Science & TechThe UK porn block has been delayed indefinitely
Instagram woman
Life & CultureInstagram is finally cracking down on online bullying
Noa Pothoven
Life & CultureDebunking the viral news story of a Dutch teenager being legally euthanised
Jeff Goldblum – spring/summer 2019
Film & TVJeff Goldblum on his newfound online fame
Matt Ox – spring/summer 2019
MusicMatt Ox is trap’s strange new breed of superstar
Robert Yang, Hurt Me Plenty
Science & TechExpressing your sexuality on Instagram is becoming impossible
Britney Spears cell phone Twitter meme
Life & CultureWhy is everyone comparing celebs to inanimate objects right now?
Delete the internet
Science & TechHow the government’s ‘online harms’ proposals could change the internet
I’m Baby viral Twitter meme
Life & CultureInvestigating the rise of the ‘I’m baby’ meme