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Tom Ford working on ‘noir thriller’ with George Clooney

Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams are reportedly in talks to star

Last month, Tom Ford announced that he was planning his second film, but he was pretty tight-lipped about what the new project would entail. Now we're finally finding out more about the follow-up to the Oscar-nominated A Single Man (2009). According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film is a "postmodern noir thriller" called Nocturnal Animals, and George Clooney has signed on as producer. They might as well just call this movie Handsome versus Handsome, right?

Ford wrote the script, which is based on Austin Wright's book, Tony and Susan. In the book, Susan receives a mysterious manuscript called Nocturnal Animals from her ex-husband, whom she broke up with 20 years earlier. Wright's story then follows the story of the manuscript, which tells of a deadly family holiday, and Susan's memories of her first marriage. 

In an earlier interview with WWD, Ford said that he was in the early stages of casting the film. He also spoke of the difficulties of adapting a novel for the screen (A Single Man was also adapted from a book of the same name by Christopher Isherwood).

"A book is a book; a film is a film," he said. "They are totally different things. Sometimes things are subtle in a book because there’s an inner monologue with the character, and turning it into a film, you don’t have that inner monologue – unless you do, which I don’t love... You have to have something personal; you have to take what speaks to you about a book and amplify that. It’s impressionism, in a way."

THR reports that Jake Gyllenhaal is "attached to star as the male lead" and Amy Adams is in talks to play the female lead. But whoever ends up being cast in the lead role, one thing's for sure: they're probably going to be surrounded by lots of Tom Ford models. Which can only be a good thing – I mean, Jon Kortajarena will probably never look better than he did in A Single Man. 

Which models do you want to see making a cameo in Nocturnal Animals?