Dario Argento Suspiria 1977
Film & TVDario Argento: ‘I did not enjoy Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria so much’
Return to Seoul, 2023
Life & CultureReturn to Seoul follows one woman’s emotional quest to find her family
Blue Caftan film 2023
Film & TVBlue Caftan, the heart-wrenching gay love story set in Morocco
Rodeo-4-© CG CINEMA
Film & TVRodeo: this gnarly biker heist-thriller is like a feminist Fast & Furious
Film & TVNew film Sick Of Myself satirises our sad, insatiable desire for clout
Charli XCX Crash Deluxe
Film & TVCharli XCX is making her blood-soaked acting debut
Film & TVWhy this explosive climate crisis film is causing so much controversy
Air Jordan movie costumes by Charlese Antoinette
FashionHow Air’s costume designer nailed Nike’s ‘nerdy’ 80s look
Collage Maker-13-Apr-2023-02-25-PM-2421
Film & TVBattle of the Baldwins: Billy Porter (?) to play James Baldwin in biopic
Billy, the gay kid in School of Rock
Film & TVWe need to talk about the gay kid in School of Rock
Steel Magnolias film still (1989)
Brief HistoryThe enduring fantasy of beauty salons in cult film
Leslie Cheung films Happy Together 1997
Film & TVRemembering Leslie Cheung in seven unforgettable films
Infinity Pool_Alexander as James2_courtesyofNEONTo
Film & TVAlexander Skarsgård on orgies, imposter syndrome and being a nepo baby
Do The Right Thing Spike Lee Ruth Carter
FashionA closer look at Oscar-winning designer Ruth Carter’s most iconic costumes
still 1
Film & TVSogo Ishii on his Y2K cyberpunk classic, Electric Dragon 80,000v
BB_Netflix_CG_0262 copy
Film & TVRocks star Bukky Bakray wants to keep surprising you
Close film Lukas Dhont Léo Rémi Eden Dambrine Gustav De Wael
Film & TVDazed x MUBI Cinema Club highlight CLOSE on MUBI
Film & TVJoyland: the story of Pakistan’s controversial trans romance film
Broker 2023 film Hirokazu Kore-eda director
Film & TVBroker: Hirokazu Kore-eda unpacks his new film about a pair of baby thieves
Knock At The Cabin, 2023 Film Still M. Night Shyamalan
Film & TVKnock At The Cabin: M. Night Shyamalan on his most nasty, twisted film yet
Steve McQueen, Sunshine State (2022)
Art & PhotographySteve McQueen offloads some ‘heavy shit’ in new artwork Sunshine State
Film & TVDina Amer, the filmmaker who turned down a multimillion dollar studio deal
Film & TVDazed x MUBI Cinema Club is back with a screening of CLOSE
Film & TVNukie: the strange story behind the forgotten ET knock-off