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James Long SS15 Mens collections, Dazed
James Long SS15

James Long SS15

Boxing clever: hooded silk jackets and repurposed wraps get a new lease of life, inspired by Ibiza

Initial reaction: 

A fallen boxer escaping to the sleepy haze of island life.

How it was worn:

With glitter covered socks and sandals (Long is probably the only designer who can make it work) and triple-washed denim shredded to perfection. Boxing wraps were rendered in pop colours and stitched onto garments, left to sit alongside Long’s more technical fabrics (which included bubble knits, aluminum leather and double-faced jersey). 

In his own words:

“This season was really about continuity. I really wanted a bit of old James and a bit of new James in there – it was almost like my greatest hits in a way. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Ibiza so I really wanted to convey that feeling of happiness. There was also a narrative of a fallen boxing star who had given up on his sports star life to live a simpler life. All of the webbing was from the boxing wraps they would wear when they were fighting and how they would become destroyed. There was a real contradiction between the sportswear, the story and making a statement that I felt was new.”

The soundtrack to James Long SS15 was created for the show by Is Tropical. Read their head to head here and listen to the music below:

Last season Long's collection took a sci-fi turn, with hyper-tech fabrics and another soundtrack from his friends Is Tropical. See it below: