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Tyler Rix (Independent Men) backstage at James Long AW14Shot by Lea Colombo

James Long AW14

Long presents warped visions with his Is Tropical soundtrack featured exclusively by Dazed

Initial reaction:

Hot sci-fi geeks: days spent at sci-fi conventions resurface in alien-skin quilting and hyper tech fabrics.

Warped visions:

Super slick and hyper real surfaces: interweaved blue and black satin creating a perforated texture, glossy pony skin and incredible otherworldly surfaces formed by tightly quilted and ruched fabric, bobbling and ballooning over arms and torsos.

How they wore it:

With slicked flat, bright blue hair and grey lace-less sneakers – like some sort of future urban alien.

Colour tech:

Polished navy and black gave way to a blaze of white, and primary colour in intricate prints reminiscent of early Matisse collage – if Matisse regenerated 50 years from now.


The trippy love song “Galactic Lover” composed by Is Tropical’s Simon Milner and feat. Lea Lea. Listen to it below, exclusively on Dazed.

For his AW14 YouTube clip, James Long shared Italism disco duo La Bionda's space trippy "I Wanna Be Your Lover."