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Photography by Lea Colombo

Ashish SS14

Chloe Norgaard and her gang of sequinned vagabonds in twisted logos and Viking crowns

Initial reaction:

Vagabonds of the logo generation dripping in sequins.


Bastions of the British high street and Tumblr ADHD.

Unexpected details:

Arabic script on tunics, footy-lad stripy polo shirts and familiar logos melded in a snapshot of British society and culture.

How they wore it:

Falling off the body, shredded and threadbare, revealing sequin check beneath.


Ornate Viking crowns denoted leaders, like emerald-haired Vagabond Queen Chloe Norgaard.

Viral moment:

The twisted logos on almost-luxe plastic shoppers: S&M for M&S, DISCO for TESCO.


Studded slippers worn with mismatched socks: like a nutty millionaire taking out the rubbish.


Horizontal raccoon-esque streaks in green, black, white and red.


Madonna’s Get Into The Groove.

Quote of the show: 

“Enjoy Coca-Cola Classic” – Unlikely sponsor, or consumerist joke?