Ophelia Has a Dream

Miharayasuhiro teams up with Paolo Roversi on a pre-Raphelite film screened at Tate Britain

Ophelia, floating in a stream as painted by John Everett Millais is an image engrained upon visual culture. Now, inspired by the famous pre-Raphaelite painting, designer Mihara Yasuhiro has collaborated with photographer Paolo Roversi on a moving rendition of the portrait, presented at Tate Britain alongside the 1852-3 original.

Dazed Digital: What inspired you to create the film?
Mihara Yasuhiro: I was inspired to make the film as a symbol of eternity and existence following the disaster in my home country Japan in March 2011. I wanted to create something that would allow viewers to dream and be immersed in a fantasy.

DD: How was working with Paolo Roversi?
Mihara Yasuhiro: I've always admired his work and it was a pleasure working with him on this project. I felt that Paolo would be the best person to bring Ophelia to life and to capture her beauty.

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