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Maison Martin Margiela Haute Couture A/W11

For its Artisanal line, the luxury label presented bouffant shapes on trailing skirts amongst organza suits belted with leather

To some, haute couture might be synonymous to mink and gold thread. To Maison Martin Margiela, luxury can also mean seatbelts and gaffa tape. In a private reception yesterday morning, the Belgian house presented its 'Artisanal line' – one that brought couture and recycling together. There, scraps of fleece blankets became bouffant skirts with trails ; organza suits were held together by pieces of tapes and belted with a piece of string.

Seatbelts that could have previously belonged of an old Peugeot became sexy braces, Night Porter style. Sport socks were also a source of cheeky appropriation : either transformed into shoes with a wedge stuck at heel of the foot, or turned into one giant sock top. Artisan work according to Margiela is miles away from Arts&Crafts – forgets pots and vases, this is about applying couture know-how onto far-fetched objects. And branding it with the four stitches of course.