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Death Note

Watch the scary full-length trailer for Death Note

The Netflix reinvention of the iconic horror anime gives us a proper look at its major characters, including Willem Dafoe’s Death God Ryuk

The latest trailer for the live-action version of Death Note from Netflix offers a proper glimpse at the characters we know so well from the dark anime original. We see the masked and anonymous L (Lakeith Stanfield, of Donald Glover’s Atlanta) conduct a public press conference to warn the masses of the murderous vigilante Kira. The faceless, supernatural killer, unbeknownst to everyone, is teenager Light Turner (Natt Wolff), who possesses the Death Note, a book that can kill people in any horrific way with just a name.

We also get to see Willem DaFoe’s spine-tinglingly scary Ryuk, the Shinihami/Death God who follows Light. As the bodies pile up, L and Light come face to face, and the detective promises to put a stop to his ways. The original TV series focused on the showdown between the two nemeses, as L plays with the book, causes sheer mayhem and eludes the detective. The first teaser for the show only offered a peek at L, and this time we see more of Light’s descent into power-induced madness. 

The trailer also shows us Mia (Margaret Qualley) – a character known as Misa Amane in the original. The TV series saw Misa as a follower of Kira and owner of another Death Note – we aren’t sure yet how this updated character and her storyline will play out in the live-action reboot. 

Netflix’s Death Note, estimated to have costed the streaming service between $40-50 million – has been marred with controversy, much like the live-action Ghost in the Shell, for whitewashing.

Death Note arrives on Netflix August 25, and the original is available to stream now.