Ponyo, Studio Ghibli
Film & TVNetflix is offering an anime scholarship taught by a Studio Ghibli veteran
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Cowboy Bebop
MusicCowboy Bebop composer Yoko Kanno reinvented what anime scores could be
Nov book column 2020
Life & CultureBooks to read this winter instead of doomscrolling your life away
Gren Cowboy Bebop
Film & TVCowboy Bebop casts non-binary actor in the upcoming live-action series
Still from "Perfect Blue"
Film & TVTracing the legacy of anime giant Satoshi Kon through four key works
Snowchild, The Weeknd
Film & TVMeet the creator behind the first major Black-owned anime studio
Megan thee Stallion
MusicMegan Thee Stallion has released exclusive anime merch with Crunchyroll
Cowboy Bebop
Film & TVCowboy Bebop has officially resumed filming
Japanese condom brand
Life & CultureA Japanese condom brand has made a weird AF anime about safe sex
Screenshot 2020-06-12 at 16.17.10
Film & TV6 films to catch at the world’s first digital anime festival
My Neighbour Totoro
Film & TVA Studio Ghibli animator is giving free Totoro drawing lessons online
Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 10.43.37
MusicWatch the original Cowboy Bebop band virtually perform theme song ‘Tank’
Sailor Moon
MusicExploring Sailor Moon’s most magical soundtracks
Studio Ghibli Museum
Film & TVTake a virtual tour around the Studio Ghibli museum
Film & TVRanking Studio Ghibli’s most delightful short films
Ponyo, Studio Ghibli
Film & TVWatch a free, four-part Hayao Miyazaki documentary
Kiki's Delivery Service (1989)
Film & TVWhy I shudder at the thought of Studio Ghibli live-action remakes
See never-before-seen clips from cult anime Akira
Film & TVHere’s how to see never-before-seen clips from cult anime Akira
Sailor Moon Sketchers collab
FashionSkechers has dropped a Sailor Moon collab, and it’s perfect
Weathering With You 2
Film & TVThe global warming-inspired anime storming Japan’s box offices
A new Studio Ghibli movie is in the works this year
Film & TVA new Studio Ghibli movie is in the works this year
Taika Waititi will still direct the live-action Akira film
Film & TVLooks like the live-action Akira film is hitting more problems
Area 51 Naruto run Elixir
Life & CultureWe speak to the guy who did a Naruto run live on TV at the Area 51 raid