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David Lynch
David Lynch: The Art Life

David Lynch, like me, can’t find any suitable trousers

The filmmaker discussed his struggle in a recent interview: ‘If they’re not right, which they never are, it’s a sadness’

There’s many differences between myself and David Lynch. He’s a world famous filmmaker, I’m an unknown journalist. He has over 200k subscribers on YouTube, I have 15 friends and a mouse living in my room. He’s 5ft 10, I’m 5ft 2. But we have one similarity: neither of us can find trousers that fit.

In my case, this is because every single pair of trousers in existence are too long for me. For Lynch, it’s because he’s looking for a certain, comfortable, fit. “I am searching for a good pair of pants,” he recently told GQ. “I never found a pair of pants that I just love.”

The Twin Peaks creator made the comments as part of the magazine’s ‘Happiness Project’, which asked 12 interviewees whether anything made them happy when they wore it. Discussing his troubles, Lynch said: “I like comfortable pants and clothes I can work in, that I feel comfortable in. I don’t really like to get dressed up. I like to wear the same thing everyday and feel comfortable.”

“It’s a fit,” he continued, “it’s a certain kind of feeling, and if they’re not right, which they never are, it’s a sadness. You know, it interrupts the flow of happiness. I’m working on it, believe me.”

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell David Lynch: same. I have never empathised with anything more than feeling a deep, overwhelming sense of sadness when you can’t find any suitable trousers.

Anyway, other people quoted in the article include Phoebe Bridgers who said she loves to dress up. “I’ve started wearing suits to my record label’s Zoom meetings,” she revealed.

Chelsea Manning loves wearing silk pyjamas, which she was gifted when she got out of prison in 2017. Jeremy O. Harris feels happiest in either his $12 pink Christian Dior robe or his full price Eckhaus Latta winter coat. And Roddy Ricch favours anything blue: “I feel like a lot of people associate blue with sad,” he told GQ. “I associate blue with happy.”

In November, it was revealed that Lynch is working on a potential new series for Netflix, titled Wisteria. Shooting is expected to start in May 2021, and will partly take place at California’s Calvert Studios, where some of Twin Peaks: The Return was shot.

While you wait for more news on that, you can watch the director repair a pair of trousers in the video above.