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You can now download your entire Google Search history

Why would anyone want to keep their horrible trawls through the depths of the internet?

"Oh brilliant, now I can download my entire Google search history as one easy-to-read document," said no-one in the world, ever. Google has enabled a feature allowing users to collate every single desperate thing that they've ever searched for on a lonely Friday night, whether it's "is [insert ex-partner's name] married", "jellyfish porn" or "how big does a genital wart have to become before you call 999?".

If, for some inexplicable reason, you would like to archive every last miserable shot in the dark you've fired out into the WWW, head over to the Google Account History page, where there is now the option to download a copy of your data and create an archive. 

Before users can download their search history, Google cautions them to read its warnings carefully because "it's not the usual yada yada". That's because your online archive doesn't just include embarassing search results – it can also include sensitive data and personal information. Not the kind of thing you want to leave on your workplace computer.

If you're still undeterred, the process is pretty simple: you get a .zip file of everything you've ever searched for, including charts showing what you searched for and when. 

But does anyone actually choose to go over their Google history? Me, I'm only interested in someone else's. There's absolutely nothing to be gained from me poring over my own sad trawls through the abyss, but I guess it'd be quite nice to have a quick look at another person's for that pang of relief that they're just as fucked up as me.