Harry Styles – Vogue December 2020
FashionObviously Harry Styles and Billie Eilish had the most-Googled looks of 2020
Science & TechNegging astrology app Co-Star accuses Google of ‘anti-astrology prejudice’
PoliticsSpotify won’t run political ads in the run up to the 2020 US election
Science & TechYouTube bans insults aimed at race, gender, or sexual orientation
Gretchen Andrew
Art & PhotographyThe artist who trolled Google into making her win the Turner Prize
Science & TechGoogle fixes algorithm to stop ‘lesbian’ searches being so pornographic
Google software is tracking the porn you watch
Science & TechHere’s how Google knows everything about the porn you’re watching
Woman lip syncing on TikTok in India
Life & CultureWomen in South Asia are lip syncing for their lives on TikTok
Jessica Brillhart
Science & TechVR pioneer Jessica Brillhart is building inclusive virtual worlds
donnie darko
Science & TechGoogle Translate is fucking up and sending out doomsday messages
Marilyn Manson Dopplganger
Art & PhotographyMarilyn Manson, Kim Kardashian, & more with their art history doppelgängers
Google Arts & Culture
Science & TechGoogle’s Arts & Culture app makes your selfie the muse
roy batty
Science & TechCould an ethics team stop AI from destroying the human race?
met museum comme des garçons
FashionYou can now take a virtual iPhone tour of the Comme show
Arts+CulturePeople in the UK are only Googling what the EU is now
black teenagers google search
Arts+CultureGoogling “three black teenagers” throws up weird results
google deepdream
Arts+CultureCould artificial intelligence create original works of art?
Arts+CultureGoogle AI is really good at writing emo poetry
Arts+CultureGoogle’s computers are producing artwork worth over £5,000
Miranda Priestly
FashionPeople Googled some weird fashion questions this year
art squad
Arts+CultureThis Google Doc is a global art project
Google maps
Arts+CultureMissing man’s body seen on Google Maps after nine years
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind
Arts+CultureGoogle will now help to erase all memories of your ex
Kendall Jenner Deep Dream
Arts+CultureWe put our favourite Dazed covers through #dreamdeeply