Jeff Mermelstein’s #nyc
Art & PhotographyThis photographer snaps the intimate texts of strangers on the NYC streets
Vollebak metal jacket coronavirus copper style
FashionThis hypebeast-y metal jacket could protect you from coronavirus
Cam (2018)
Science & TechZoom is cracking down on virtual sex parties with artificial intelligence
digital detox
Science & TechExpert advice on how to digital detox in self-isolation
Houseparty app
Science & TechHouseparty app offers $1million reward for info on alleged smear campaign
Abolish Silicon Valley by Wendy Liu
Life & CultureWhy we must destroy and rebuild the toxic tech industry
Youtube creators
Science & TechYouTube’s viral stars on how the platform changed the internet forever
Art & PhotographyThe disabled artists using tech to defy their bodies’ boundaries
No Agency New York AW20 show package
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NYX Performing
MusicNYX are the female drone choir who believe in the healing power of song
Video/Art Cheryl Donegan
Art & Photography8 visionary female artists who revolutionised video art
The young women using tech to fight Gen Z’s suicide epidemic
Science & TechThe young women using tech to fight Gen Z’s suicide epidemic
US meme law
Science & TechWhy a meme could soon cost you $30,000
Gretchen Andrew
Art & PhotographyThe artist who trolled Google into making her win the Turner Prize
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Facebook develops its mind-reading software
Science & TechA brief history of Facebook’s plan to read your mind
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Science & TechWhat Instagram removing likes may mean for influencers and our self-esteem
Science & TechNo, despite reports, mobile phones do not make you grow horns
Mona Lisa deepfake images
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Guo O Gong – The Persistence of Chaos
Science & TechThe artist who sold a virus-addled laptop for £1 million
Science & TechBuying drugs on the dark net is on the rise in England
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Dali takes a selfie in the Dali Lives exhibition
Art & PhotographyDeepfake Salvador Dalí wants to take a selfie with you
DataGrid AI
Science & TechAI is generating real people that don’t exist