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Atlantics – winter 2019
Film & TVMeet the cast of Atlantics, Mati Diop’s ghostly love story
Theaster Gates’s Amalgam
Art & PhotographyArtist Theaster Gates on creating empowering interracial narratives
Over My Eyes
Art & PhotographyPhotographs show Iraq like you rarely get to see it
Larry Clark
Art & PhotographyLarry Clark on muses, drug use and his return to America
Michel Gondry
Art & PhotographyA candid conversation with ingenious director Michel Gondry
Sory Sanlé
Art & PhotographyThe unsung hero who captured West Africa’s rebels & dreamers
Jonas Mekas and Andy Warhol
Art & PhotographyThe man who got Andy Warhol into filmmaking
Tom of Finland
Life & CultureThe story behind Tom of Finland’s chiselled promised land
Peter Garritano’s Seeking
Art & PhotographyThe people writing Craigslist’s ‘Strictly Platonic’ ads
MusicHow Phoenix and Sofia Coppola influence each other
Sophie Calle
Arts+CultureWe asked artist Sophie Calle to take our secret to the grave
Arts+CultureThe unique doc about the mysterious murder of a beauty queen
MusicThe Iranian DJ duo who risked their lives to party
Arts+CultureTalking to Werner Herzog about volcanoes and death
Werner Herzog
Arts+CultureEverything you need to know about Werner Herzog
Rosefeldt's Manifesto
Arts+CultureCate Blanchett rewrites art history in 13 short films
Hiba, Beirut 2010
PhotographyPortraits of girls on the cusp of teendom
Arts+CultureThe young photojournalists taking the news to the streets
Arts+CultureThis woman isn’t just an inked mum with a Lil Wayne fixation
Still from "High Rise"
Arts+CultureFaeces? Orgies? Could High-Rise be the new Trainspotting?
Still from "Bang Gang"
Arts+CultureThe alternative guide to Toronto Film Festival
Mistress America
Arts+CultureAre Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach film’s new power couple?
Still from "Fresh Dressed"
Arts+Culture25 films you need to see this autumn
La Haine
Arts+CultureWhy La Haine remains just as explosive 20 years on