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Life & CultureIone Gamble and Kieran Yates on the future of activism
student housing
Life & CultureMushrooms and poo: students are exposing dodgy landlords on social media
Kwajo Tweneboa
PoliticsKwajo Tweneboa is fighting Britain’s social slumlords – and winning
renting flats
PoliticsWon’t someone please think of the landlords?
PoliticsPlease let me watch The Witcher in my mouldy little flat
Manchester rent strike
Life & CultureAre hotels really a cheaper alternative to university halls?
Berliners celebrate their victory
Politics‘Berlin has proven renters don’t need to water down their demands’
A future world cities roundtable
Life & CultureWhat does leaving the city have to do with the end of the world?
How do London’s teenage girls see the future of the city?
Life & CultureHow do London’s teenage girls see the future of the city?
Art & PhotographyMATTO is the Parisian zine inspired by clubs, the city, and its constraints
Coronavirus housing stories
Life & CultureRevenge evictions and scum landords: the pandemic’s housing horror stories
Housing worries are making renters sick
Life & CultureHow renting is making people physically and mentally ill
Landlord housing horror stories
Life & CultureHousing horror stories that show the extent of the UK’s rent crisis
Bolton student accommodation fire
PoliticsA fire in Bolton student halls is being compared to Grenfell
Julio Marcial – San Francisco’s housing crisis
Life & CultureShocker: bad housing and job prospects hurt young people’s mental health
Grenfell United projections London with Grenfell Tower
PoliticsGrenfell survivors project huge messages on unsafe tower blocks
London Renters Strike
PoliticsFour renters on dealing with unfair evictions by shit landlords
Elephant & Castle Gentrification 5
Life & CultureHow the gentrification of Elephant and Castle affects Latinx Londoners
Dublin’s housing protest
PoliticsPeople take to Dublin streets to protest Ireland’s crushing housing crisis
Life & CultureHave your say on shit rentals and British landlords before it’s too late
Julio Marcial – San Francisco’s housing crisis
Life & CultureHow not having a living room can mess with your mental health
PoliticsExperts say young people should get £10k each to close the generation gap
Living rooms
Life & CultureYoung people are now being told they don’t need living rooms
Life & CulturePoorer students more likely to live at home during uni