DIY culture

EPR4221 -Alex G - PC Chris Maggio - 300dpi (1)
MusicAlex G doesn’t need to explain himself
David Wojnarowicz Photography & Films 1978–1992
Art & PhotographyThat time David Wojnarowicz joined a band
Babak Ganjei, “I’m in the bush outside...”
Art & PhotographyBabak Ganjei’s confessional artworks reveal his hilarious inner monologue
Byredo Prismic Eyeshadow Palette
Beauty newsEmbrace your inner punk with Byredo Makeup’s transformative new palette
Kaia Gerber
Beauty newsKaia Gerber is the latest person to succumb to lockdown DIY pink hair
Cardi B
Beauty newsCardi B shares the recipe for her magic hair growth DIY mask
Georgia Jagger
Beauty newsGeorgia May Jagger’s step-by-step guide to trimming your split-ends at home
@funkyfitz wardrobe challenge
FashionThree TikTok fashion challenges to shake up your wardrobe
Clifford Jago’s #JagoChallenge Neesha Tulsi Champaneria
FashionImaginary stylist Clifford Jago has a wild fashion proposition for you
Felicity Ingram Bushwick Vampires
Beauty FeatureHere’s what you need to know about dying your hair with Kool-Aid
Kendall face mask
Beauty FeatureBest DIY beauty treatments you can make with the contents of your fridge
mdm flow diy beauty entrepreneurs clean club beauty
Beauty FeatureThese beauty entrepreneurs are cooking up products to right industry wrongs
Karl Jouanni wearing the Skytop V in his studio
Arts+CultureThe NYC-born artist creating walking canvases
 Something to Hate On
Arts+CultureThe new collective that doesn’t care if you hate it
Arts+CultureOakland mayor issues order to protect DIY venues
chelsea faith
Arts+CultureWhy DIY creative spaces like Oakland are so precious
Rough Trade Records Shop 1978
MusicCelebrating 40 years of Rough Trade’s revolutionary spirit
Achey Breaky Heart zine, issue 3, "The Power Issue", cover
Arts+CultureThis zine could be the cure for your heartbreak
FashionThe DIY patches you'll want to cover your clothes with
Spare Rib Magazine, 3
Arts+CultureA short history of the most radical DIY magazines
Art Baby Girl Grace Miceli
FashionHow to make a DIY feminist fashion label
Me and You
FashionHow to tap the DIY style of Instagram’s teen trailblazers
siouxsie sioux batcave goth
FashionSiouxsie, the Batcave and the legacy of 80s goth