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Byredo Prismic Eyeshadow Palette
Photography Roxy Lee, courtesy of Byredo Makeup

Embrace your inner punk with Byredo Makeup’s transformative new palette

The continued collaboration between Ben Gorham and Isamaya Ffrench sees the launch of the Prismic Eyeshadow Palette – designed to inspire experimentation

Last October, Byredo collaborated with Dazed Beauty founder and make-up artist Isamaya Ffrench, on its first make-up line. Entitled Byredo Makeup, the line embraced Ffrench’s experimental and pioneering beauty style. With bold lipstick and enchanting eye pigments on the lineup, Byredo is now back with its latest drop – following on from the 5 Colour Eyeshadow palette – this time in the form of a carefully curated 18-colour eyeshadow palette. 

Designed in a way to encourage experimentation, the Prismic Eyeshadow Palette sees its rainbow colour pigments presented as a disruptive series, rather than being arranged in a neat formulaic gradient. “We want to approach colour as if people are actually going to wear it,” says Ffrench. “There are so many palettes out there which look great on a shelf, or which are fun and exciting to open, but where you end up using only two shades.”

Explaining that she wanted to create something ‘people will actually wear’, this does not mean the style of make-up is conforming or any less bold than you might expect from the acclaimed make-up artist. With cosmic purple, deep copper-red, and vibrant yellow all on the offering, the palette has been designed to encourage experimentation. 

With the product’s accompanying campaign shot in a London bedroom, the images speak to the DIY energy and self expressionism that Ffrench hopes to inspire with this palette. Shot by Roxy Lee, the campaign sees models decorated in punk-style make-up, with purple and yellow contour and bright fire-like eye make-up. 

Speaking on the drop himself, Ben Gorham, the founder and creative director of Byredo said: “There’s not much real in beauty, but Byredo doesn’t conform to a normal beauty ideal.”

The Prismic Eyeshadow Palette launches on Feb 4.