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Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber is the latest person to succumb to lockdown DIY pink hair

Very season 3 Quinn Fabray

During those early few months of lockdown, it seemed like everyone and their mothers were giving themselves a DIY hair makeover. Rosalía and Bella Hadid cut themselves surprisingly good isolation fringes while Kristen Stewart went neon pumpkin orange and Dua Lipa tried out absolutely everything going from orange to pink to red and back.

In fact, Dua Lipa was such an advocate of the quarantine rainbow dye job that when she finally returned to her natural dark brown last month, it seemed to signal that the era of colourful experimentation was coming to an end. However, the trend is not over yet! It has been resurrected first by Rosalía who debuted a Ginny Weasley ginger look and now Kaia Gerber has called back to the very first lockdown hue: pink.

Throughout quarantine, Gerber has been gradually experimenting with DIY hair dye. In April, she told Dazed Beauty she had given herself DIY highlights at home and this graduated to full-on blonde – “zoom bleach” she called it – last week. Now, she has gone one step further and tried out pink with the help of none other than legendary hairstylist Guido Palau

Documenting the transformation on IGTV, Palau guides Gerber through the process – “home-cooking for hair,” he calls it. As she smushes the dye into her hair, Gerber shares that she has always wanted pink hair but because her hair is brown and she hadn’t wanted to bleach it until now she had never had the chance. “I’ve always loved people who just like, do whatever they want with their hair,” she says.

While the candyfloss-fuchsia colour cooks, a process which took about an hour, Gerber notes in her caption, the pair also discuss Kurt Cobain, who the model had sent to Palau as an inspiration reference. “The first time I had you cut my hair was because I wanted to look like Kurt Cobain. Every year I take another step,” she jokes, sharing that since she started experimenting more she has felt much freer. “When I cut my hair it changed my life a lot, because I felt more like my own person. That’s why I think I started experimenting a lot more with my hair.”

The two also chat about the book club Gerber started during lockdown as well as reference a mullet Palau cut for her several times, although it seems a choppy bob at best, in our opinion. If we were to rank it against other great mullets we would have to give it one mullet out of five. The pink, however, looks great and seems to have gone down very well with many in the fashion community. Karen Elson commented that she loved it, while Marc Jacobs shared that he himself was going lilac.  

“Pink is punk,” Gerber captioned her image of the final result. Punk in a Quinn Fabray sort of way.

Watch the full video below.