State of Fashion

John Rafman Emma Watson DIS Dazed
FashionJon Rafman’s Emma Watson Body Pillow – $400
Dazed, DIS takeover
FashionClothes off, Tags-On! – $40-$75
Dazed, DIS takeover Adidas the art school tracksuit
FashionThe Art School Tracksuit – $150
DIS K Rizz Dazed Lizzie Fitch
FashionLizzie Fitch’s Office on Wheels – $200
Dazed, DIS takeover Simon Fujiwara
FashionSimon Fujiwara’s Gay Wedding Ring – $3,000
Dazed, DIS takeover Korakrit’s Bangkokboys
FashionKorakrit’s Bangkokboys – $300
Dazed, DIS takeover
FashionNot made in Sweden: The DISkea Bag – $10
Dis Dazed if the shoe fits
FashionIf the Shoe in Shoe fits, wear it – $400
Dis Dazed Ryan Trecartin
FashionRyan Trecartin’s Night Vision Sweatshirt – $78
FashionMike the Ruler's five defining fashion moments
Mike the Ruler, Telfar
FashionMike the Ruler's US designer faves
Luka, Asspizza, Rahel, Amy and Mike, Dazed takeover
FashionMike the Ruler charts his top American tracks
FashionMike the Ruler’s Kingdom
FashionStates Pop Quiz #24: Rodarte
FashionRodarte playlists from Grimes and Kim Gordon
6. wood combo
FashionThe childhood inspirations behind Rodarte
Dazed Rodarte takeover model Q&A Chloe Norgaard
FashionQ&As with Rodarte's favourite models
FashionExclusive: VFiles Intern Files premiere
FashionPreston's top ten Model Files films
FashionThe dA-Zed guide to the hyperreal world of VFiles
Pamela Anderson by David Lachapelle, Dazed VFiles vaults
FashionStylist Mel Ottenberg picks from the VFiles vaults
MusicThe wannabe VFiles DJ Champs bringing the noise
FashionDazed has been hacked (by Telfar)
FashionTelfar Clemens vs Babak Radboy