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New emojis 2021
via Instagram @emojipedia

New emojis are finally on their way! Which one are you?

The offering includes a melting face, lip bite, and ogre, alongside gender-neutral options, a pregnant man, and a multi-racial handshake

New emojis are finally on their way, with the new selection including some much-needed additions towards gender-neutral and transgender representation, some big moods for 2021, and a few extremely random picks (see Ogre emoji). 

Last year, Unicode added the pink, white, and blue pride flag, after years of campaigning by the LGBTQ+ community. Now, the latest update will include a gender-neutral person wearing a crown, a pregnant man, and a gender-neutral pregnant person. The new set also includes multiracial handshake emojis in different skintones. 

Otherwise, the offering features a smiling melting face (the perfect emoji, tbh), a very unsettling new crying face, a dotted line face, lip bite, x-ray skeleton, heart hands, a drivers license, disco ball, three kidney beans, and more. All very purposeful and definitely needed! 

According to Emojipedia, the ‘Emoji 14.0’ update should arrive sometime in September, and small tweaks may be made to the icons until then. In the meantime, we’ve broken down the selection. Read below to find out which weird new emoji you are.


Your second vaccine just kicked in, your first clubnight is booked, and hot girl summer finally feels real. If that sounds about right, then the lip bite emoji is you – and might be the perfect solution for a lack of flirting skills after a year-and-a-half spent single, horny, and stuck indoors without any existence of a sex life. Received a sexy message on Hinge? Lip bite emoji. Hot person from the bar texted you? Lip bite emoji. We can’t promise it will work, but at least it helps get the message across. 


Welcome to 2021 in an emoji. You’re the melting face emoji if you’ve made it through literally a single day of the past year, because nothing quite sums up our modern hellscape like our faces melting off, alongside a small, painful smile. Upside down smiley face emoji found dead.


Earlier this year, Gen Zers on TikTok brutally broke down millennial culture, and the list of cringe millennial personality traits included wearing skinny jeans, loving Harry Potter films, and overusing the cry laughing emoji. If you can’t really figure out why any of those things are so bad, the x-ray skeleton emoji is you – perhaps use it for laughter to blend in with Gen Z, instead of the cry laughing face next time. 


We still don’t have a pink heart emoji, but an ogre emoji is here. Makes perfect sense. To me, this is an absolute mood for those of us re-entering the world, as we trade in our swamps for real life post-lockdown. So – that being said – the ogre emoji is all of us, isn’t it?


Are you a stan of Gen Z pop queen and America’s newest President, Olivia Rodrigo? Did you cry in the shower to SOUR everyday in lockdown? This one’s for you. Or congrats on learning to drive, we guess.


Tbh, we’re not sure who would send this cursed emoji out into the world. In honour of it giving us big Matt Hancock pathetically fake crying on live television energy, this emoji is you if you’ve also spent the past year holding back tears at the never-ending list of insufferable Tory decisions and scandals. We know we have. 


You probably have your club nights, gigs, and festivals booked in for the rest of the summer, despite not knowing if any of them will go through. We admire your confidence – the disco ball emoji is you. 


Burnt out? Five drinks in at the pub? Dissociating? This one's for you. We’re not really sure why this was ever created, but – in our opinion – the meanings are endless.