Generation Z

Charli D’Amelio
Science & TechCharli D’Amelio faced the internet’s harshest critics and won
emma chamberlain on Instagram_ “RUBBER CHICKEN BAG
FashionIt’s 2020, of course a mad rubber chicken bag is taking over TikTok
Young people across the US aren’t voting
PoliticsYoung people across the US aren’t voting – why?
Conservative Teens
PoliticsConservative teens are waging war on TikTok and YouTube this election
PoliticsGen Z are turning out in droves to vote in the US election
PoliticsGen Z TikTokers launch a group account in support of Joe Biden
‘Chav’ filter on Instagram
Life & CultureThe problematic British ‘chav’ stereotype is now an Instagram filter
Rocks – Autumn 2020
Film & TVRocks portrays British girlhood like the screen has never seen
iGirl Bella McFadden depop bundles cyber stylist
FashionMeet the stylist behind Depop’s cult Y2K mallrat and baby goth starter kits
Tennis skirt trend Tiktok
FashionThree reasons why tennis skirts are taking over the TL this summer
Gen Z vs Millenials
Life & CultureMillennials tell us what they think of Gen Z
Life & CultureGen Z TikTokers are very brutally dragging millennial culture
cottagecore tiktok fashion community country living
FashionWhat is cottagecore and why is it taking over TikTok?
Avi Schiffmann coronavirus tracker
Science & TechA 17-year-old is behind the world’s biggest online coronavirus tracker
CGI model Lil Miquela broke up with her human boyfriend
Science & TechCGI model Lil Miquela has broken up with her human boyfriend – yes, really
Life & CultureBreaking down the ‘OK Boomer’ meme
Fila Disruptor II trend history gen z
FashionThe story of the Fila Disruptor II, the internet’s most divisive shoe
E-girl style TikTok fashion Eve Fraser
FashionE-girls and boys’ style is the antidote to the homogenised IG aesthetic
Generation Z
Dazed 100Generation Z
russia lgbtq community kissing teens nick gavrilov
Life & CulturePhotographing young Russian couples making out to protest anti-LGBTQ laws
generation z russia moscow fashion collective community
FashionThe bold creative community bringing new energy to Russia’s fashion scene