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The GOAT House, Tiktok
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What you need to know about Ireland’s first TikTok house

The GOAT house brings together some of the country’s biggest stars on the platform

In Los Angeles, “creator houses” dedicated to bringing young TikTok stars together to work on content seem to have cropped up everywhere over the last few months: there’s the Hype House, where some of America’s top teenage content creators live, and then there’s also Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty House, and the Clubhouse, and the list goes on.

Unsurprisingly (and possibly unfortunately, if you happen to be a neighbour) the trend is also spreading across the world. Most recently, a group of influencers have come together to form Ireland’s first TikTok house, the GOAT House (as in, Greatest Of All Time) in South Dublin.

Here’s everything you need to know.


Pretty much following the blueprint established by the Hype House in the US and reality TV before it, South Dublin’s GOAT House is a sleek, modern, multi-million dollar house filled with ten of the country’s biggest TikTok stars. Tours from various creators zoom in on a cinema room, pool table, and open plan living area with a near-constant stream of TikTokers drifting through.

Between them, the influencers – mostly in their teens and early twenties – have around eight million followers on the video sharing app, and launched the house with the classic family-portrait-style group photo September 2.


Being a member of a TikTok collective doesn’t necessarily mean that you live in the house permanently; some members have a part time residence there, or just swing by when they want to film content. Presumably, most people will be staying at the GOAT house full time though, as they’re apparently classified as one household under COVID-19 guidelines.

Living at the house are its co-founders, content creators Thomas Arnold and Jake Brown, along with 19-year-old Leila Eckhart (who has around 450,000 followers on TikTok), Lauren Whelan (over 330,000 followers), Nia Gallagher (245,000 followers), Ryan Mar (200,000 followers), the newly-initiated Dara Tah (200,000 followers), and the influencer couple Lewis Kelly and Andrea Camila (whose joint TikTok comes in at over 5 million followers).


As is usually the case when you pack a house full of influencers with millions of eyes on them, the GOAT House hasn’t been without its controversies, even in its first few days. Firstly, people have criticised the residents for ignoring coronavirus restrictions, though they’ve responded that – since they’re now classed as a single household – they’re still abiding by the pandemic guidelines.

Martin Guilfoyle, a DJ, musician, and comedian who was originally set to join the house, has also had to pull out due to fans’ complaints about the age discrepancy between him and the majority of the other creators. “At this stage, my concern is that it might start to affect other people involved, so I have left the house and no longer have any connection to the project” he writes in a statement posted to Twitter. “I wish everyone there the best of luck.”

Other than that though, it’s pretty much been the usual story: initiations, pranks, dancing to Cardi B’s “WAP”, and of course collaborative TikToks.


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Apart from constantly having a fancy backdrop and willing collaborators on hand, and being able to share each others’ audiences, the residents of the TikTok house reportedly have access to a production team to edit and help film their videos. 

“You can bring out way more content than if you were doing it on your own,” Eckhart says, in a recent interview on the creator house, adding: “The vibe here is great – we're getting on so well and we're making great content.”

“I feel there are so many great opportunities by being in this house – you have loads of people working on so many ideas.”