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LA influencer throws party with 100 guests, has power shut off by the city

City of Los Angeles: 1, Influencer: 0

In another edition of influencers doing crazy, irresponsible shit, a TikTok star who threw a birthday party in LA with over 100 guests has had his power shut off by the city.

New York Times journalist Taylor Lorenz first reported that power had been shut off at influencer Bryce Hall’s personal rental house in the Hollywood Hills that he shares with TikTokers Noah Beck and Blake Grey – known online as members of the Sway House.

Though it’s a different rental home than the one the party was held, the shutoff was instigated after Hall hosted a 21st birthday party in Encico with over 100 guests and strippers.

“Despite several warnings, this house has turned into a nightclub in the hills, hosting large gatherings in flagrant violation of our public health orders. The City has now disconnected utilities at this home to stop these parties that endanger our community,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s statement read.

Despite several reports of the LAPD considering to cut off the house’s utilities, Lorenz tweeted yesterday (August 19) that the water is still working at Hall’s Hollywood home: “Important to note that the power has been shut the off at Bryce’s PERSONAL rental home in the hills. The home that Bryce’s actual 21st b day party was held at in Encino still has functioning utilities according to sources.”

Ever the decent human, Hall responded to the backlash with a TikTok of himself giving the middle finger to his haters. He, Gray, and Beck then posted a shirtless TikTok of themselves with the caption: “Our lights keep flickering for some reason.” The trio also posted videos of themselves turning their sinks and lights on and off.

The shut off follows a warning issued at Hall’s residence on August 8 after another large gathering during which the LAPD visited and posted warnings on the property, “providing notice that violations of the Order are subject to civil and criminal penalties”.

The LAPD visited again during Hall’s birthday and posted a final notice.

Morals aside, none of this is surprising when you consider all the other not OK things influencers have been doing in recent months, such as posing at Black Lives Matter protests for clout, throwing huge parties despite reports of coronavirus outbreaks in LA, and posting absolutely deranged job descriptions.