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Safe DM

This new Twitter plugin deletes unsolicited dick pics from your DMs


Sick of receiving dick pics? Presumably so was the developer who came up with Twitter’s new plugin, Safe DM, which blocks and deletes any unsolicited dick pics from reaching your DMs.

The feature was created by developer (and legend) Kelsey Bressler, who came up with the idea after receiving – you guessed it – an unwanted penis in her inbox. Using artificial intelligence, Bressler trained its algorithm on pictures of dicks she solicited from an open callout. “I am testing a filter that is under development which will automatically detect dick pics in DMs and handle them on behalf of the user,” she wrote on Twitter. According to the BBC, over 4,000 images have been sent in, LOL.

For now, the plugin only works with Twitter direct messages, but Bressler is keen to adapt the plugin for other social media platforms. She also pointed out that Safe DM only looks for unsolicited nude images and does not read the content of a message, ensuring users’ privacy. 

2018 YouGov survey states that 46 per cent of millennial women have received at least one unwanted dick pic on social media. According to BuzzFeed, which tested the plugin’s accuracy, it does in fact work, bar the occasional blocking of a rogue dildo or lipstick pic.

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