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Trans rights
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A majority of women say they support trans people’s right to self-identify

A new YouGov poll, on behalf of PinkNews, shows that 57 per cent of women agree trans people should be able to self-identify as a gender different from that they were assigned at birth

A new poll suggests that a majority of women (57 per cent) are in favour of transgender people self-identifying as a gender different from that which they were assigned at birth.

Conducted by YouGov on behalf of the LGBTQ+ news site PinkNews, the poll also shows that a majority of the UK adults surveyed support schoolchildren being taught about homosexual relationships in school (57 per cent, versus 26 per cent that believe the subject shouldn’t be taught, and 18 per cent that don’t know).

The issue of teaching gender identity in schools remains slightly more divided, with 48 per cent of polled UK adults in favour, 33 per cent against it, and 19 per cent unsure.

Disappointingly (if not completely surprising) all of the results for the survey have a notable gender disparity, with women supporting trans people’s right to self-identify, and the teaching about gender identity and gay relationships in schools, more than men.

Predictably, trans people’s right to self-identify is also a partisan issue, at least on analysis of the data. Just 35 per cent of those that voted Conservative in 2019 said they are in favour, against 70 per cent of 2019 Labour voters and 63 per cent of Lib Dem voters.

“It’s reassuring to find out that so many women believe the same as I do,” Labour MP Dawn Butler – who has championed reforms to the UK’s Gender Recognition Act – told PinkNews. “Trans women are women, trans men are men, and that trans rights don't and shouldn't come at the expense of anyone else's rights.”

“The fact that so many more women believe in trans people self-identifying as a gender different to that they were assigned at birth shows that often the transphobic rhetoric we constantly hear about trans people being a danger to single-sex spaces is only being spoken by a vocal minority.”

Last month, seven LGBT+ groups from across the political spectrum published a joint statement to equalities minister Liz Truss, addressing reports that Boris Johnson will abandon new reforms that would make it easier for trans people to legally change their gender.

“I hope Liz Truss and the Tory government are paying close attention to the mood of the public before they announce their plans for the Gender Recognition Act next week,” Butler adds, following the new polling.

View the full results of the poll run by YouGov, on behalf of PinkNews, here.