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Dafy Hagai
via @dafys

These dreamy photos will make you forget the weather

If you’ve given up on an English summer coming anytime soon, immerse yourself in these sunnier times and majestic locations around the world

It's officially the third day of summer and I've almost given up – in fact, I think I'm coming down with the flu. And while any weather report addict (like myself) will know that we are being promised sunny skies soon, equally any Londoner worth their salt will know not to get their hopes up. In the case that we're doomed to suffer through a half-hearted summer that feels more like winter, then have faith that somewhere in the world there are sunnier times. All just a flight or two away... or simply an Instagram search. So stay under the covers and scroll through some of the most FOMO-inducing photos that have been published recently.


Melbourne-born, worldwide-based photographer Amanda Fordyce has just returned from an epic trip from Mexico to Cuba. If you can't beat em', join em' – or at least live vicariously through an incredible feed.


I still can't get over this photo series that we premiered not long ago where Scarlett Carlos Clarke filtered the beautiful sights and people of Jamaica through her lens – so let's relive it.


When you think of pastel-coloured girls amongst desert or beach backdrops then you probably imagine the work of Israeli photographer Dafy Hagai. This photo is from her book Sunset (published by Perimeter Books) but her feed is full of shots from her travels, all as dreamy as the last.


You can feel the heat soaking into your bones as you flick through Axel Morin’s photos of a sun-drenched America. Look back through his series Once Upon A Time In America if you're feeling a little cold, and if you still can't get enough then hit follow on his Instagram for a living, breathing update of his travels and work.


Usually most at home shooting within her homeland of Britain, recently Sophie Green tripped out to Delhi, India to capture the local community in her signature style. 


As an Australian myself, I'm pretty much always happy to see photos from the motherland, but even more so when a photographer asks us to look differently at something so familiar – such as in this photo of the world famous Bondi Beach.


If you know Jordan Green, then you know he never stops travelling. His feed is one of those love him/hate him things, because a) you love his photos, and he's a good guy but b) you are so damn jealous of his life. So click through for more of the below, but be warned, London will look a lot greyer after doing so.


Co-founder of Page She – a female film collective operating out of London – recently Bilic went from moving to still image as she visited Tehran. Shooting these incredible photos that are still as instilled with the cinematic quality that she's most used to, making for magical viewing.


Another fellow Aussie – and founder of photo book publisher Bloom – Lloyd Stubber’s majestic shots with flip the down under cliche that we're all beaches, BBQs and babes on its head.


London/Brighton-based photographer Rosie Matheson has just begun to share a series she shot of Cape Town’s community. I've always been fascinated by barbershop culture so this one hits the nail.