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DaydreamersPhotography Remi Riordan

The exhibition showcasing your teenage daydreams

Art Baby founder Grace Miceli is bringing the visions of young creatives to IRL space with a show that has its head in the clouds

With wildly successful exhibitions both online and IRL – including Girls At Night On The Internet, featuring work from Arvida Byström, Molly Soda and Petra Collins – Grace Miceli opens her third show at Alt Space this weekend, The Daydreamers.

“The word was an initial response to JumpFromPaper’s new collection called Dreamy Picnic: it’s a reference to moments of being young, laying on the grass, looking up at the sky and starting to try and figure everything out,” Miceli explains. She cites JumpFromPaper, which has collaborated with Art Baby for the event, as a huge supporter of young artists, with a collection that’s basically “wearable art”.

Miceli’s online exhibition space Art Baby Gallery has been a platform for young creatives to showcase their work, bringing together various artistic perspectives to one space, like no one else. With five of the artists featured aged 20 or younger, it’s inspiring to see how that age bracket is interpreting art. Speaking of the participating exhibitioners, she says: “While all of the artists featured in the show are young in age, they have all already accomplished so much as creatives. I’m tremendously inspired by all of their ambitions and output.

“These artists collectively have started online galleries, published books, directed music videos and shot magazine covers. I wanted to look to them as a specific generation to express their understanding of what it means to be hopeful yet critical of the world they inhabit.”

With the increasing popularity for online art space, Miceli runs both an online gallery and acts as a curator at Alt Space. Mediating between physical space and the internet is something she’s still very much trying to figure out. “For me it has been important to bring the creative community I’ve become a part of online into a physical actualised space,” she explains. “I’m intent on strengthening our already existing support systems and I think existing IRL can help to do that. I want art to be experienced and accessed in a variety of ways.”

For the rest of 2016, Miceli is working on releases for the LA Art Book Fair and Alt Space’s US tour. “I’m trying to respond to and interpret the work that is being created by young contemporary artists. My ultimate goal is to have a conversation with the audience through the art that I’m choosing to put on display,” she says. “I want to create moments and relationships between works that are already trying to tell you something-my aim is to add another layer.”

Check out the exhibition from 15 January at Alt Space, New York, and more from Art Baby here