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Art Baby Gallery exhibition Morgan Maher
Photography Morgan Maher, courtesy of Art Baby Gallery and Alt Space

This show brings together art’s most current talents

Artist Grace Miceli curates a selection of creatives from her Art Baby Gallery roster, feat. Petra Collins, Arvida Byström and Maggie Dunlap

“The art world can feel so exclusive and alienating, especially as a young artist,” says gallery founder, curator and artist Grace Miceli. Her online exhibition space Art Baby Gallery has, since 2011, provided a platform for her creative contemporaries to show their work – bringing different visions and voices together in an engaging way. “I’m not picking artists based on their gender, and not all of the artists in the show identify as cis/female,” explains Miceli, “These are people who I think are making work that is current, amusing, poignant and exciting, conversations that are missing from most of the larger institutions. It’s so important that those of us who feel underrepresented in the arts support each other, because no one else is going to do it.”

With artists like Petra Collins, Arvida Byström, Molly Soda and Maggie Dunlap all exhibiting work in Miceli’s latest show Girls At Night On The Internet, it’s the first Art Baby Gallery exhibition taking place offline. “I think IRL work can demand more of your attention, the white gallery walls are less distracting than your tumblr dashboard – it calls for you to observe in a different way,” says Miceli, continuing, “I can’t speak for all of the other artists involved, but for myself it’s a validating experience, like ‘hey, I’m going to take up this physical space with all of these things that I’ve made and you are going to pay attention’.” Ahead of its opening, Dazed get the first preview here.

Girls At Night On The Internet will be on show at New York’s Alt Space from 21 August – 12 September, click here for more information