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Annie Leibovitz is shooting new photos of modern women

To update her ‘Women’ project and break down traditional gender roles, the photographer is taking shots of strong, 21st century female figures

She sparked controversy for photographing a 15-year-old Miley in a bed sheet and created an iconic image of a heavily pregnant Demi Moore but it's Annie Leibovitz’s legendary project, Women, which really showcases her power to present enduring images of women. Leibovitz has decided the project was never finished. Now it's getting updated for a new feminist world.

A pop-up exhibition of new portraits of women by Leibovitz will open in London in January next year and travel around the world throughout 2016, stopping in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Mexico and New York. Entry to the exhibition will be free.

The new portraits – that Leibovitz is still working on – build on the project she created with Susan Sontag in the late 90s. She’s always wanted to return to it and now’s the time. Leibovitz has called the new exhibition Women to send a clear message this is a continuation of the former work.

Although we don’t know who the new commissions are yet, a spokesperson told ArtNews that the women in the photographs will be “notable” and the portraits will document the way women’s roles are changing in a new feminist society.

Considering the original Women included Hillary Clinton and Gloria Steinem, we're excited to see who she's pulled in. Nicki Minaj? Rihanna?