Life & CultureMindy Seu: cyberfeminism ‘has shifted from utopia to dystopia’
Holy Spider_Still_1
Film & TVHoly Spider: why this Iranian neo-noir is attracting so much controversy
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Life & CultureDid feminism create Andrew Tate?
Life & Culture2022 was the year of the ‘bad woman’
Iranian Embassy Protest London Mahsa Amini
Life & CultureIs Iran really issuing death sentences to protestors?
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Art & PhotographyThe zine honouring Indonesia’s unsung feminist heroes
From the Volcano to the Sea: Part II Le Nemesiache
Art & PhotographyPhotos of Italy’s revolutionary 70s feminist group Le Nemesiache
Katy Hessel (C) Luke Fullalove
Art & PhotographyRead this book if you can’t name more than 10 women artists
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Life & CultureThe demise of feminism
10 things i hate about you book reading kat
Life & CultureIt’s honestly fine to read problematic authors
Florence Given
Life & CultureI read Florence Given’s debut novel Girl Crush so you don’t have to
Carolee Schneemann, “Meat Joy” (1964)
Art & PhotographyFive radical works by pioneering artist Carolee Schneemann
woman taking antidepressants
Life & CultureAre antidepressants a feminist issue?
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Life & CultureAuthor Sheena Patel wants to make you feel sick
Life & CultureIf this is the age of the tradwife, then I’m ready to die alone
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Life & CultureIone Gamble and Kieran Yates on the future of activism
abortion rights
PoliticsIt looks like the Supreme Court is overturning Roe v Wade
EVE_J20_FALUCHE 83_etalo
Film & TVHappening, an ‘intimate’ abortion thriller set in 60s France
Film & TVMurina: a Croatian coming-of-age thriller about escaping the patriarchy
Reka Nyari, ‘The Land of Milk and Honey’
Art & PhotographyPussy Riot’s new billboard exhibition showcases women and LGBTQ+ artists
Million Women Rise March
PoliticsThis weekend, London erupted in protest
Sarah Everard vigil
PoliticsOne year on from Sarah Everard’s death, has anything actually changed?
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Life & CultureHow ‘writing a book’ became the ultimate influencer status symbol
Life & CultureWhat does it mean to be a ‘dissociative feminist’?