Variety (1983) 01
Film & TVThe story behind Variety, the cult neo-noir penned by Kathy Acker
the exorcist
Arts+CultureWhy did Satan start to possess girls on screen in the 70s?
Yomi Adegoke
Life & CultureYomi Adegoke’s new novel explores the dark side of online justice
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Picture Parlour
MusicIn defence of industry plants
The Wizard Liz
Life & CultureAndrew Tate for girls: the new wave of woman self-help gurus
Fatal Attraction, 1987
Film & TVWhy it’s time to forgive the villain in Fatal Attraction
V&A: Mary Quant Exhibition
FashionQueen of the miniskirt Mary Quant has died
Life & CultureThe UK government’s worst attack on trans rights yet
Art & PhotographyCarlota Guerrero’s eerie, unsettling portraits of womanhood
Rose English, “Rose on Horseback” (1974)
Art & PhotographyThese transgressive artworks straddle performance and self-portraiture
Life & CultureYoung people and the rise of antifeminism
Sarah Piantadosi, Bone (2023)
Art & PhotographySarah Piantadosi’s arresting nudes are a declaration of selfhood
Screen Shot 2023-03-03 at 12.20.40
Life & CultureAngela Saini: ‘The fight for trans rights is an anti-patriarchal fight’
Oliver Frank Chanarin, with Fay, Maisie and Robyn
Art & PhotographyArt shows to leave the house for in March 2023
Portia Munson, The Pink Bedroom (2023)
Art & PhotographyDildos, tampons and fake nails: inside Portia Munson’s Pink Bedroom
Art & PhotographyThe world according to VALIE EXPORT, feminist art provocateur
Pre Wavey performing at Too Many Man book launch
Art & PhotographyToo Many Man: photos capturing the women of grime
Linder, “The Goddess Who has Five Faces” (2019)
Art & PhotographyThese radical artworks play with the conventions of pornography
Serpil Mavi Üstün, Life is all about you, 2021.
Art & PhotographyWomen artists share their provocative portrayals of fetishism
Life & CultureMindy Seu: cyberfeminism ‘has shifted from utopia to dystopia’
Holy Spider_Still_1
Film & TVHoly Spider: why this Iranian neo-noir is attracting so much controversy
image (3)
Life & CultureDid feminism create Andrew Tate?
Life & Culture2022 was the year of the ‘bad woman’