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Rosaline Shahnavaz’s portfolio
From "Aleko"Photography Rosaline Shahnavaz

Raw and honest photos explore the relationships we keep

Recent London graduate Rosaline Shahnavaz acts as a fly on the wall, capturing the intimacy around her in a series of stunning portraits

Recent graduate of London College of Communications Rosaline Shahnavaz first got behind the camera as a way to document the intimacy of the relationships between her friends, boyfriends and herself. “The photographs were raw and honest, and showed the intimacy of my relationships – I was a fly on the wall,” she tells us, continuing, “I like to build strong relationships with whoever I’m photographing so their personality can come through.”

Her latest project “Aleko” saw her finding a muse in a flamed-haired beauty of the same name. “I was fascinated by her. I knew I wanted to get to know her and we clicked,” Shahnavaz explains. “It became so natural to meet up and take photos – I could just let myself into her place while she was getting up for breakfast or showering and we’d just hang out and shoot.”

Graduating just last year with a BA (Hons) in photography, Shahnavaz says that since stepping out on her own it’s been the fastest year of her life. “It’s true what they say! I’ve been working on so many projects. It’s been non-stop but so exciting and I’ve loved every minute of it.” And the best is yet to come. “I’m working with my sister Nazanin to set up a new platform for projects we curate and shoot together,” she reveals, “We have some really cool things lined up for the next year – I'm dead excited.”

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